WARNING: All Republican mail in ballots for 2020 POTUS will be trashed, while all Democrat votes will be retained and counted

In the United States, vote by mail, also known as vote from home, is where a registered voter, who is unable or unwilling to attend an official polling station, fills out a ballot at home and either mails it in early or drops it off in a secure drop box. All U.S. states will mail you an absentee ballot if you request one. Three states, Colorado, Washington, and Oregon, conduct all elections by mail prior to Election Day, and all states permit members of the military stationed overseas and U.S. citizens living abroad to vote via absentee ballot. Currently, 38 states allow early voting, some as much as 45 days ahead of time.

Massive problems and flaws with this system arise because not all mail-in envelopes remain closed prior to Election Day. That’s right, certain election offices can get special permission from canvassing boards to open envelopes early in order to “determine whether a voter’s signature matches the one on file,” and to verify that the voter hasn’t died. What’s worse, this exception only requires the presence of ONE canvassing board member, instead of the ballot being verified in front of multiple certified witnesses from both campaigns at a counting table on Election Day.

Tens of thousands of Republican mail-in ballots get trashed after being opened, while Democrat ballots are retained for counting in “close races”

Here’s how the fraud works, and this is why the corrupt Brenda Snipes, former Elections Supervisor and Canvassing Board Member of Broward County, Florida, got away with fraud and nearly helped Democrats cheat their way to victory this past November. Before the election took place, the county had received more than 40,000 mail-in ballots, according to state election officials.

Brenda Snipes had thousands of mail-in votes illegally stored at undisclosed locations. Then, after the Tuesday election, once she found out the race was close and the Democratic candidates were behind in the count, Snipes had her cronies open ballots early at another undisclosed location, in violation of the law, and destroy Republican ones, claiming signatures didn’t match. They then returned magically with over 46,000 Democrat-sided ballots, and no Republican votes. Unreal.

Then she had these same hacks deliver the remaining votes (nearly all Democrat of course) to her election office using five large rental trucks, that were caught on video. She even hired security guards for the illegal delivery, who shunned away those recording the whole scam on video. Watch the Florida Democratic election mass fraud caught on video here:

Expect Democrats across America in 2020 election to do EXACTLY what Brenda Snipes did to DEFRAUD all Republican mail-in votes

The notorious election thug Brenda Snipes was removed (forced to resign) from her election oversight office after her huge multi-faceted voting scandal, including opening ballots early, discarding votes, and “misplacing” over 2,000 during the recount. Realize that she’s not the only one who did this, she’s just the only one who got caught red-handed (by a Judge and on video), and that was for the election of the sunshine state’s Governor and Senator. It was a litmus test for November 2020.

Earlier in 2016, a state judge ruled that Snipes had violated election laws by destroying ballots during the 2016 congressional primary race. She even entirely left off the medical marijuana amendment from the Broward ballots. After that election, suddenly “uncounted” ballots were discovered. Also, back in 2004, nearly 60,000 mail-in ballots were never delivered. You think those were Republican or Democrat?

Florida Ballot boxes found in a storage area at elementary school

Lakeisha Willaims of Broward Country discovered a ballot box hidden at Miramar Elementary School in their storage facility teachers use, two days AFTER Election Day. Since the U.S. Senate and Governor races were very tight, in fact, less than a 0.5 percent margin, every vote was crucial. Since the Republicans were in the lead in both cases, Brenda Snipes ran her scheme to almost perfection, hiding thousands of mail-in ballots, filtering through them, and then delivering the Democrat ones days after the election, ensuring a Democrat victory.

Whether or not you support Donald J. Trump, he has a right to a fair election in 2020. The 2016 election was far from being a landslide as far as the popular vote was concerned, but who’s to say how many Republican mail-in ballots were trashed, just like what happened in Broward County? Maybe Trump DID win the popular vote, but we’ll never know, and it doesn’t matter now, because he won the electoral college by landslide.

For 2020, don’t dare to mail in your vote unless you absolutely must. Chances are it will be shipped to a secret location, opened early (or after a close race), and then shredded. We already know all TV networks, newspapers, and social media are fixed for the Democrats to cheat. Tune into Trump.news for more updates on how to help re-elect the one guy in America who’s keeping the Constitution in tact for us all.

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