Round 2: If Dems win back the Senate, Feinstein wants to “investigate Brett Kavanaugh” all over again

If you were offended by the manner in which Senate Democrats defamed Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his Supreme Court confirmation hearings last month, then you probably want to do two things in a few weeks.

You’ll want to make sure you vote and make sure you vote for the Republican Senate candidate on your ballot.

Because if you don’t, Senate Democrats are preparing to further cheapen their own institution by reopening an investigation into sexual assault allegations from decades ago that mysteriously appeared out of nowhere right before his first confirmation vote was scheduled to take place in September.

That’s according to Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., who would become chairwoman of the Senate Judiciary Committee – the panel that vets federal court nominees – should her party become the majority in the upper chamber.

As Fox News reported:

“I’d be in favor of opening an investigation into the allegations,” Feinstein, the ranking minority member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said during a debate in San Francisco with her challenger, state Sen. Kevin de León. A fellow Democrat, de León emerged from California’s hectic jungle primary system to challenge one of the Senate’s longest tenured members for her seat. 

Feinstein has come under fire from both Republicans and her fellow Democrats since the Kavanaugh confirmation after it was revealed that one of Kavanaugh’s accusers, Christine Blasey Ford, had reached out to the lawmaker with her allegations and asked that they remain confidential.

That last part – about Blasey Ford wishing to remain confidential – is questionable in and of itself, given the fact that Democrats telegraphed their intent to try and stop Kavanaugh’s confirmation any way possible. But that’s neither here nor there at this point.

What’s important is that nothing Blasey Ford — or two other accusers — claimed about the newest justice could be corroborated. That included even so-called “witnesses” they named to the alleged sexual assaults and incidents. There was no ‘there, there’ and that was also established by seven separate FBI background investigations over the years, the most recent one completed the week before Kavanaugh was finally confirmed.

The American Communist Party

So, is Feinstein and her California challenger, Left-wing Democratic hack Kevin de León – who also pledged another Kavanaugh probe – merely throwing red meat to their supporters?

Doubtful. If we’ve learned anything about the Democratic Party in the Age of POTUS Donald Trump, it’s that its members have become increasingly unhinged and increasingly willing to blow up our institutions in order to win back power.

As such, putting a sitting justice under a very politically-motivated investigation after what they did to him during his confirmation recently is certainly something Democrats would do, if for no other reason than to bleed Kavanaugh dry financially via lawyer’s fees. (Related: Lindsey Graham talks about his epic defense of Brett Kavanaugh and disgust at Democrats.)

The ultimate objective is to remove him from the bench, though the reality is, Democrats are not likely to win the Senate, where he would be ‘tried’ and convicted. Then again, a formal impeachment proceeding has to begin in the House, and despite all of the Left-wing polling claiming a “blue wave” is coming next month, there’s little real evidence to substantiate that.

It gets worse though. Kavanaugh isn’t the only SCOTUS justice in the crosshairs. A Democratic House candidate in Massachusetts has also vowed to push impeachment proceedings against Justice Clarence Thomas over equally bogus ‘sexual assault’ claims involving accuser Anita Hill.

And of course, Dems have been daydreaming about impeaching POTUS Trump. Democrats sure love the Constitution when they can use it to their political advantage; most of the time they have no reverence or use for our founding document.

The Democratic Party is quickly becoming the American Communist Party, though deep down, it’s really always been that.

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